Classroom Expectations

Classroom Rules

  • Enter class on time and quietly begin the start of class.
  • Listen to and follow directions.
  • Raise your hand before asking and answering questions.
  • Be pleasant and polite to your classmates and your teacher.
  • Maintain a clean and organized space.
  • Stay focused on your schoolwork; no multitasking.

Start of Class Routine

  • Students are to take out their notebook and pencil BEFORE entering class.
  • Silently take your assigned seat, copy the aim and warm up, and begin the warm up.
  • Pencils can be sharpened before class begins and should not be sharpened during class.

Using Your Notebook in Class

  • Notes, classwork, and homework are to be completed in your notebook.
  • Every day you will copy notes from the board. Begin each day on a new side or sheet.
  • Every class has 3-4 parts: Lecture, Practice, Assessment, and Workshop. You should be able to identify these parts in your notes.
  • See this link (Example Notes) for an example of what your notes might look like if you followed my directions.


  • Every student is responsible for his or her work but is required to help their classmates if they need.
  • The workshop problems are to be completed within your table group. If you complete your problem, move on to the challenge problem and then on to the weekly puzzles.
  • Students may discuss only math material. They may not discuss other subjects or non-school related subjects.


  • During discussion days, students are expected to self-facilitate a discussion based on the discussion questions.
  • Students are to raise their hands when they would like to speak. The last student to speak calls on the next student to speak.


  • See the classroom syllabus for more details on homework.

Restroom Use and Drinking Water

  • The best idea is to use the bathroom between classes, before school, after school, or during lunch.
  • If you need to use the restroom, hold up one finger in the air. Mr. Peralta will let you know that you can take the bathroom pass at the front of the room.
  • If you use the restroom, sign out and sign back in using the Sign Out Sheet at the front of the room.

Finishing Classwork Early

  • If you have successfully completed your classwork, check it over.  After that, you must work on an anchor activity silently.


  • Absolutely no talking during a test.
  • Once you have completed your test, you are to remain seated and silent until everyone is finished.
  • All tests will be collected by Mr. Peralta.

Classroom Interruptions

  • The door and phone is to only be answered by Mr. Peralta unless otherwise directed.
  • Students are to remain working while a visitor is in the classroom or while Mr. Peralta is answering the phone.

Getting Mr. Peralta’s Attention

  • If a student needs to speak with Mr. Peralta, that student should raise his or her hand but not call out with their voice.

Other Rules

  • No eating snacks or chewing gum in class. If Mr. Peralta sees any food items, he may ask you to throw the food items away.
  • Do not move out of your assigned seat without raising your hand and asking for permission.
  • Do not move any of the furniture, including your seat or desk.