Quarter 1 Handouts and Classwork

Below is a collection of handouts and classwork from Quarter 1. Some classes may not have received certain handouts because of the many doubles that were lost from holidays.

Use these to review at any point throughout the year. I highly recommend!


Thinking About Curves

Match the Distance Graph to Speed Graph

General Polynomials:

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Important Stuff – Polynomial Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Exponents

Multiplication, Division, and Exponents

Multiplying Polynomials


Factoring Polynomials with GCF

Important Stuff – Factoring

Factoring Trinomials

The Joy of Factoring

Difficult Polynomial Problems

Solving Equations:

Solving Equations with Tables

Properties of Equality

Important Stuff – Solving Equations

Solving Equations Error Analysis

Equations with Fractions

Equations with Square Roots and Fractions

Solving Equations Review

Solving Literal Equations


Solving Inequalities