6/6 – Gr. Book

Here are all the Gr. Book solutions in case you want to get ahead. It doesn’t make sense to look at the solutions before you really try the problem. Studies have shown that the harder you struggle to recall information, the more reinforced it will be (to an extent).

August 2015 Solutions

January 2016 Solutions

June 2015 Solutions

Test 1 Solutions

Test 2 Solutions

Test 3 Solutions


5/31 – Updated Review Materials

Here is the updated Ultimate Geometry Review, which you can start studying today!

I plan to mention this in class, but it’s not enough to read and re-read the document. Instead, rewrite, reorganize, condense, and combine the document with your own thoughts and notes to create your own ultimate geometry review guide.

Then self-quiz again and again until you don’t need the review guide anymore.

The better you can remember the facts, the easier you can solve problems you’ve never seen before.

Best of luck!

Ultimate Geometry Review


Below are “Key Images” of geometric theorems and ideas represented solely through images. Think about our Do Now today where the picture “proved” that SSA does not imply congruence. Come up with similar conclusions with each of the pictures.

Key Images

5/13 – Proofs

Due Monday: Proving on the Grid and Proving Not

Two of the proofs from this packet (Review Sheet) will be the entirety of Wednesday’s quiz. The quiz questions will be full statement and justification questions, NOT fill in the blank like before. The multiple choice questions in the packet, if chosen as the quiz question, will be converted to full statement and justification questions. There will be no other questions on Wednesday’s quiz.

I will take off points on the quiz for reasons including but not limited to:

  • Failing to say “IF TWO LINES ARE PARALLEL AND CUT BY A TRANSVERSAL, alternate interior angles are congruent”
  • Mistaking transitivity for substitution
  • In the justification, failing to say the REASON a quadrilateral is a particular type of quadrilateral.
    • Correct: “By the definition of a rectangle, which is a parallelogram with a right angle.”
    • Incorrect: “By the definition of a rectangle.”
  • Using the justification “algebra”. Be specific: addition property of equality, substitution, etc.
  • Making a SSA of yourself
  • Using AA to prove congruence
  • Failing to establish a triangle is right before using HL
  • Establishing that two angles add to 180 by saying “Definition of supplementary angles” instead of “Supplementary angles add to 180 degrees”
  • Establishing that two right angles are congruent by saying “Transitivity” but failing to show that right angles are 90 degrees. In the alternative, you could also simply say, “Right angles are congruent”
  • Mistaking the triangle side splitter theorem with the triangle midsegment theorem
  • Not putting the letters of congruent triangles in the correct order: “Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF” is different from saying “Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle EDF”
  • Using “definition of perpendicular bisector” when you really just mean “definition of bisector”

Here is the link to the geometry review packet. I am still working on it. Please let me know if there are any suggestions or additions. This would be a good resource to refer to as you prepare for Wednesday’s quiz.

Sphere is Life: The Ultimate Geometry Review