10/11 – Factoring!

Due Thursday: Factoring puzzle

Quiz Thursday: It will have exactly five questions. The quiz will be very similar to the following:

  • Question 1: Find the product of x^2+5 and x-12
  • Question 2: Factor completely: x^2-9x+18
  • Question 3: Factor completely: x^4-3x^2-10
  • Question 4: Fill in the blank: 3x^2-19x-14=(        )(x-7)
  • Question 5: Factor completely: 5x^2+39x-8

Here are the answers to each of the problems above, just so you can practice and find out if you’re solving the questions correctly:

  • Question 1: x^3-12x^2+5x-60
  • Question 2: (x-3)(x-6)
  • Question 3: (x^2+2)(x^2-5)
  • Question 4: (2+3x)(x-7)
  • Question 5: (5x-1)(x+8)

Here is the classwork that some of you started on Tuesday. It is not homework. It is optional. However, it contains material that will appear later, so it might be worth it to check it out now.