9/30 – Sign Up at Desmos.com

Due by Monday, October 3:

  • Go to Desmos.com
  • Click on “Start Graphing”
  • In the upper right hand corner, click “Create Account”
  • Email me your email address and Desmos password in case you forget it. My e-mail address is melvinmperalta@gmail.com

Project Due October 17:

  • Go to “Tests and Projects”
  • Open the file depending on your class number
  • Read the directions carefully. See me if you have any questions

Class 723 ONLY


9/29 – Quarter 1 Project (due Oct 17)

Everyone must have signed up for an account on Desmos (http://www.desmos.com) to complete their quarter 1 project. Email me your email address and Desmos password at melvinmperalta@gmail.com in case you forget your password.

722 and 723: Animal House Project


820 and 826: Personalized Polynomial Project


9/26 – Distributive Property, Again and Again!

Due tomorrow:

  • Multiplying Polynomials: Do this on a separate piece of paper. The solutions are provided at the end. This means you need to show work in order to get credit!
  • Graphing Stories: Do this on the paper itself. Also due tomorrow!

Optional but recommended review:

Go to the Test and Projects tab to get the review materials for Thursday’s test!

9/26 – Test # 1 Review Materials

Test # 1 Outline: Read the outline carefully on your own or with your parent. You don’t need to sign the outline. I suggest using the outline to guide your studying but it’s up to you on how you approach preparing for the exam.



Review Sheet (Set 1): Read the “How to Use”.  Solve on a separate piece of paper.  Compare your answers to the solutions at the end.  The review sheet is optional.  However, if you turn in your solutions to this review sheet on the day of the test, I will round your test grade up.  For example, if you get a 89% on the test, I’ll round it up to a 90%.



Review Sheet (Set 2): This is also a great review sheet. Solutions are on the second document.  This review sheet is also optional and isn’t required for me to round up your test score (but you do have to do Set 1 for that).

algebra-i-test-1-review-sheet (Set 2)



Graphing Activity and Practice: The link below leads to an online activity where you match situations to a distance-time graph. Once you click the link, it should say “zfgy”. Just click “Join”. Once you click Join, click “Continue without signing in”.

Type your name by first putting your class number then your first and last name. For example, John Doe would put “723 – John Doe”. Click Go!

Match each card to a graph by dragging the story card on top of the graph card.

Once you’re done, hit the next button on the top. Explain in words the rationale behind each match.

This is purely optional. However, I am experimenting to see how this works out. Therefore, to see who actually reads the website and who is willing to help out, I’ll give 2 extra bonus percentage points on your test if you complete this activity and get it mostly right.



Other Review Resources:

9/23 – Distributive Property

The distributive property says there are always two ways of counting something: ALL AT ONCE or PIECE BY PIECE.

For example, if you have 3(2x + 6), then it’s also truthful to say that you’ve got three 2x’s and three 6’s.  In other words, 3(2x + 6) = 3(2x) + 3(6).  The purpose of today’s lesson was to apply the distributive property to variables.  Note that this calls upon our old ability to multiply monomials like (2xy)(3x).

9/22 – Subtracting Polynomials

The main purpose of today’s lesson was to review adding and subtracting polynomials, but in a more difficult context.

  • If “A is subtracted from B”, then the proper subtracting problem is B – A.  For example, if (x – 7) is subtracted from (x + 10), then the resulting difference would be (x + 10) – (x – 7) = 17.
  • If a negative sign is in front of a parenthesis, the effect is to take the opposite of every term inside.  For example, if a problem says “Simplify: -(-2x + 9)”.  The answer would be 2x – 9.