6/14 – Regents!

Good luck everyone!

Study as much as you can these next few days. You can email me at mrperalta@outlook.com with questions that come up.

Click here for videos for lesson aims throughout the year

Blank Regents for practice:

Regents Solutions:

  1. June 2014: June 2014 Regents Answer Key
  2. August 2014: August 2014 Regents Answer Key
  3. January 2015: January 2015 Regents Answer Key
  4. June 2015: June 2015 Algebra I Regents Solutions
  5. August 2015
  6. January 2016 (from Saturday): January 2016 Algebra I Regents Exam

Calculator Procedures:


6/3 – Green Book Test 1

Here is Test 1 from the Green Book, which we will begin using next week to prepare for the Algebra Regents. Test 1 will be due on Tuesday (6/6), and you will have the entire double period on Monday to work on it.


Here are the solutions in case you want to check your work early. It just doesn’t make sense to look at the answers before you’ve done the problems, so don’t.