5/13 – Quadratic-Linear Systems

Below are the slides from today’s lesson. In particular, focus on the slide that lays out to steps to creating your own quadratic-linear system.

Quadratic Linear Systems Slides

Homework: Create FIVE quadratic-linear systems. For each system you create, use ANY two roots of your choice. Use ANY linear equation.

THEN, solve each of your quadratic-linear systems algebraically by:

  1. Setting the linear and quadratic equal to each other
  2. Moving all terms to one side
  3. Factoring to find the x-values
  4. Finding the corresponding y-values

Please do NOT work in groups. I do not want to see identical quadratic-linear systems!

Quiz: The quiz on Monday will be on solving quadratic equations. It is a check-in intended to help you prepare for your test on Thursday, but the quiz still counts so please study!