5/31 – Updated Review Materials

Here is the updated Ultimate Geometry Review, which you can start studying today!

I plan to mention this in class, but it’s not enough to read and re-read the document. Instead, rewrite, reorganize, condense, and combine the document with your own thoughts and notes to create your own ultimate geometry review guide.

Then self-quiz again and again until you don’t need the review guide anymore.

The better you can remember the facts, the easier you can solve problems you’ve never seen before.

Best of luck!

Ultimate Geometry Review


Below are “Key Images” of geometric theorems and ideas represented solely through images. Think about our Do Now today where the picture “proved” that SSA does not imply congruence. Come up with similar conclusions with each of the pictures.

Key Images


5/13 – Quadratic-Linear Systems

Below are the slides from today’s lesson. In particular, focus on the slide that lays out to steps to creating your own quadratic-linear system.

Quadratic Linear Systems Slides

Homework: Create FIVE quadratic-linear systems. For each system you create, use ANY two roots of your choice. Use ANY linear equation.

THEN, solve each of your quadratic-linear systems algebraically by:

  1. Setting the linear and quadratic equal to each other
  2. Moving all terms to one side
  3. Factoring to find the x-values
  4. Finding the corresponding y-values

Please do NOT work in groups. I do not want to see identical quadratic-linear systems!

Quiz: The quiz on Monday will be on solving quadratic equations. It is a check-in intended to help you prepare for your test on Thursday, but the quiz still counts so please study!