4/22 – Algebra Regents

For your assignment, you will be completing the MULTIPLE CHOICE ONLY of the June 2015 Regents (see file below). You will also be submitting your answers in the linked google form. I’d like you all to work honestly, without using any aids or working in a group. Assessments such as this will help guide our upcoming Regents Review, so complete your work to the best of your own abilities. Complete all of your work on looseleaf, as this will be collected.

This is due the Thursday after we get back from break.

Lastly, please include an accurate e-mail address. I’m trying out a new program that automatically sends you back your score. Please keep in mind that you won’t be graded on correctness. Rather, you will be graded on effort, which includes the work you show on a separate piece of paper that will be collected!

June 2015 Regents

Google Form