4/13 – Roots of Quadratics


Open the file and go to the 4th to last page (entitled “Quadratic Equations – Exercises”). Choose any ten problems and solve them using any method by hand of your choosing (factoring, square rooting, completing the square, quadratic formula).

The answers are in the next pages, so please check your work and look at the provided work to see how the problem was completed! It’s in your best interest to try the problems and not copy. Every algebra class including ours has a test next week, so now’s your time to really figure out how to solve quadratics by hand.

Don’t worry about the problems with fractions – they won’t be on the test and I don’t believe they’re that important in any case.

The file also contains notes on solving quadratics. The notes contain some other information we haven’t had time to cover but it’s a nice resource in case you’re confused by the problems.

Quadratic Mixed Drill